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Golf club shafts wick away the natural oils from our hands, leaving them dry, chapped, flaking, cracked and even bleeding. GHS is a Moisturizing Sugar Scrub that will relieve these symptoms without leaving a greasy after feel.
Made from sugar crystals, olive oil, sweet almond oil, lemon juice, citrus essential oils and vitamin E.
Women have already discovered the wonders of exfoliating their skin with sugar scrubs. Try it on your arms, feet & legs!
Now it's time for golfer's to discover what this wonderful product can do for their hands. 
No more stiff hand skin that keeps cracking open.
No more being told by your other half to "keep your "rough" hands to yourself".
Is GHS the sweet spot your missing from your life?
Don't Compromise your Sport
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Golfer's Hand Saver Moisturizing Sugar Scrub
10 ounces



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How to use Golfer’s Hand Saver (GHS)
If the oils have separated give (GHS) a good stir. Dampen your hands with water. Scoop out a nickle size amount of GHS and rub in circular motion all over your hands. Really massage into your roughest areas, usually the side of your forefinger around to your thumb. Rinse and dry your hands normally. Rub for about a minute once a day for the first week. Then apply for about 20 seconds 2-3 times a week for maintenance. Enjoy!
CAUTION: If using GHS in the shower or bath, surfaces will become slippery.

Golfer's Hand Saver
Moisturizing Sugar Scrub
10 ounces